Youth & Teens

BCFS Health and Human Services fills a critical void for at-risk youth, teens aging out of the foster care system, and juvenile offenders by delivering prevention, intervention and restoration services needed to integrate the youth into society as self-sufficient, successful and productive adults.

While most young adults have parents or guardians to help them navigate the process of buying their first car or renting their first apartment, children in foster care or youth returning home from juvenile justice institutions generally do not have a strong support network on which to rely.

Without learning the basic life skills young adults need to make it on their own, youth are more prone to become victims of homelessness or substance abuse, resort to criminal acts, or rely on government support services indefinitely. BCFS youth & teen programs help fill this void.

BCFS Health and Human Services pioneered the model of "one-stop shop" transition centers where youth receive life-changing services, including case management, counseling, transitional housing, financial aid, mentorship, as well as employment opportunities and education assistance. BCFS Health and Human Services’ counselors also offer solution-focused psychological and counseling services to youth and their families.

BCFS Health and Human Services' stateside program has been carried forth into Eastern Europe, equipping youth aging out of orphanages with the skills they need to succeed into adulthood and avoid falling victim to human trafficking.