Medical & Health Care

BCFS Health and Human Services provides medical and health care services -- including prenatal, pediatric, dental, emergency and mental health care -- to those in need around the world. 

BCFS Health and Human Services leads medical and health care programs that serve a variety of populations. Our mobile medical clinics reach families in rural, impoverished or isolated communities that lack access to proper hygeine and health care services. Without BCFS Health and Human Services' work, many of the families we serve along the U.S.-Mexico border would never see a doctor or seek prenatal care.

During times of disaster, BCFS Health and Human Services' mobile medical clinics also deploy to impacted communities to provide life-saving services. As the nation’s leader in medical sheltering and planning for individuals with disabilities during emergencies, the agency is proud to be a key partner for local, state and federal governments during public health emergencies. In fact, BCFS Health and Human Services is currently expanding its medical care capabilities by assembling an elite team of medical professionals who can rapidly respond during a disaster to ensure populations entrusted to BCFS Health and Human Services' care receive high quality, sustainability of services when displaced due to an emergency.

The international division of BCFS System, Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI), regularly leads medical teams to Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa that bring much needed medical care and supplies to impoverished rural communities, orphanages and villages.

Comprehensive medical care is also coordinated and made available to all populations in BCFS Health and Human Services' residential facilities, including those that serve children and youth; as well as adults with developmental disabilities.