Community Development

BCFS Health and Human Services operates community development programs that help families break the cycle of poverty and unite communities in shared goals to improve education and employment opportunities for all students.

BCFS Health and Human Services encourages at-risk youth to succeed in school and take part in positive initiatives that help them rise out of poverty into prosperity. Our inner-city programs target disadvantaged communities and utilize grassroots efforts to reach youth one-on-one, encouraging them to stay in school, pursue higher education, and stay away from negative influences, like gangs. Our job skills training programs provide real world work experience for at-risk youth; providing the hand up -- not hand out -- they need to make it on their own.

The agency also operates an integrated campus for non-profit partners that maximizes their resources while fueling collaboration and information sharing, thereby increasing their impact on serving populations in need.

In developing nations, BCFS Systems' global division (Children's Emergency Relief International) provides microenterprise loans to struggling families in rural communities to help spur the growth of sustainable local economies. Growth of small businesses unites and strengthens families and communities, particularly in the regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe that BCFS System serves.