Government Consultation in Eastern Europe



As part of Moldova’s efforts to move the country closer to joining the European Union, the country is working to downsize the number of children placed in antiquated orphanages and moving toward family-type homes


CERI’s Dr. Jon Meyer played a key role in the government’s standardization of the social work profession in Moldova. Meyer served as the government’s senior advisor to determine national guidelines for social workers as well as a professional supervision mechanism for approximately 1,000 government social workers. Meyer presented his findings to the faculty of the Moldova State University, School of Social Work. “Because the social work profession in Moldova is still in its early stages, the idea of professional supervision is not very well understood,” Meyer said. “My goal is to assist in the development of relative legislation and develop a practical guide for professional social work supervision.”


His report, “The Guide for Professional Social Work Supervision,” moved the Republic of Moldova closer to establishing national standards and goals for social workers. Meyer partnered with the United Nations Children Fund and Moldova’s Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child (MSPFC), serving as a senior advisor to the MSPFC.