Subject Matter Expertise

BCFS System has nearly 76 years of experience caring for and empowering at-risk populations worldwide. It is because of our experience and passion for "doing what is right" that government agencies, foundations and private business have called on BCFS System subject matter experts to create programs, deliver services and fill voids in health and human service infrastructure.

Our subject matter experts offer evidence-based trainings, consultation and guidance; can speak at conferences or on panels; or testify before legislators on behalf of policies we, as an agency, believe are right and effective.

Key competencies include, but are not limited to:

All Hazards Emergency Management

  • Bolstering preparedness through building Alternate Care Site capacity
  • Planning for the "whole community"
  • Strengthening disaster plans for hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Turn-key response and contingency planning for jurisdictions

Health & Medical Care

  • Delivering care to underserved areas
  • Increasing access to care along the border

International Relief

  • Transitional living for youth aging out of orphanages
  • Mitigating and recovering from human trafficking

Children & Families

  • Recruiting and training foster and adoptive parents
  • Strengthening families struggling with conflict

Youth & Teens

  • Transitioning foster youth into adulthood
  • Establishing "one stop" centers for efficient delivery of services
  • Teaching trades to at-risk youth

Juvenile Justice

  • Preventing incarceration before and after institutionalization
  • Getting adjudicated youth back in school
  • Helping offenders find -- and keep -- employment

People with Disabilities

  • Establishing fulfilling curricula for daily activities
  • Instilling healthy lifestyles for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities
  • Planning and caring for individuals with disabilities during disasters¬†

Community Development

  • Teaching healthy lifestyles and diets in low-income neighborhoods
  • Leveraging resources to establish non-profit "neighborhoods"